History Lesson - The T-shirt

There's nothing like a T-shirt: A piece you can throw over your head for just about any occasion, from a gala to the apocalypse. 

I'd call it an unsung love but, truth be told, I talk about my undying love for t-shirts at pretty much any occasion. T-shirts are awesome. That is all.

So let's talk about them. A T-shirt is a shirt in a T-shape. Sound simple right?

I've been in love with these from Moschino since day one. Christmas anyone?

It is believed that t-shirts are a natural evolution from the undergarments from the 19th century and, as a matter of fact, T-shirts were considered as undergarments for the longest time. Most definitely not fit for using as outwear. Of course people started noticing those simple pieces were very, very practical and started using them as work wear. Still not fit for use on a daily basis but great to get dirty (especially in hot environments: you know, like miners).

In 1904 this simple piece of clothing started being advertised as bachelor undershirts ("No safety pins - no buttons - no needle - no thread!")

We can no longer call a t-shirt basic! Calvin Klein Collection and Splendid

And then came the navy. The US Navy that is. By 1905 you could read in the Uniform Regulations that a cotton "undershirt" (The word T-shirt became part of American English by the 1920s) was to be used underneath the uniform, being exposed for exercise and work (so it would get dirty instead of the uniform itself).

We now have a lot of choice, with new materials and great construction. Alexander Wand and J.Crew

With the end of World War II, veterans started using their t-shirts along with the uniform trousers out and about! It became a casual staple and a symbol of american pride. That's how it begun being used by boys and young men in casual environments. It was a matter of time until it reached the Silver Screen, where stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean made it popular.

And then there was love. Printed t-shirts started on the 50's and never stopped. By the 60's we had tie dye. By the 80's the hem went higher and lower for t-shirt dresses and crop tops. By the 90's those bad boys were absolute staples, symbols of rebellion and youth expression.

From the white t-shirt to the shirt dress, life is great. Madewell and T by Alexander Wang

So there you go, next time someone calls your jeans-and-tshirt outfit lazy throw some history at them. Make a stand!

And love your t-shirts a little more everyday. I know I will.

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