Amp up the Bling

I love me a good dose of Sparkle. So why don't I use it a lot?

Here's the thing: when you look at the amount of fashion related stuff that I do (you can believe that is a LOT, lot of stuff on a very daily basis) is very easy to get bored and start demanding a lot more from your clothes. And I'm not even talking visually, but quality wise. No more polyester once you've mastered silk!

Sparkly things that you know you want

Which brings me to cheap bling: I hate it. I hate it with all my might (unless, you know, you are owning the cheap look and in that case kudos to you for being awesome). Plastic beading is not great. Glued beading in never ok. Nothing good comes from polyester.

So while I'm fainting at some very expensive, utterly out of my budget, designer sparkle I tend to keep bling free.

Chanel, Dries Van Noten, Haider Ackermann, Marc Jacobs, Meadham Kirchhoff

Or do I? What I love the most about second hand shopping: you can get amazing garments for so much less. And when I found a pure silk top with glass beading, I know it had to be mine.

And this beauty is mine, all mine

Moral to this story? Love thy bling. Shop second hand. Never stop believing. That is all.

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