Teen Dream

I'm a firm believer in having fun with your make-up. I'm particularly fond of not-so-perfect looks, fuelled by teens discovering mascara. Remember lining your eyes in cheap black khol and feeling like a rebel? That's so very punk. And I love it.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 - He knows a thing or two about being cool!

Let us talk about that first time you saw lipstick and didn't even know what a lip liner was. That's the absolute best. To this day I still like my lipstick like that: no primer, no liner, no bullshit. Wear it out and about, proudly imperfect, fading through the day. Live the joy of new funky colours, test drive a blue or a green. Makes you feel really powerful, unapologetic.

Ruth Bell by Mario Sorrenti for i-D

So maybe you are a perfectionist and not exactly convinced. But consider this: it's summer and it's crazy hot. You don't want a perfectly covered face, you want something there that makes you happy and does not sweat out or feel heavy. Skip the foundation, never mind the primer and ditch the contour kit. Play with eyeliner, draw on your face, overuse melting eye pencils. Be a teen that just discovered make-up. Imperfection is fun!

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 - He also knows about cool.

You don't sleep. You have things to do, people to meet. Dark circles under you eyes? Crazy cool, accept them. You have no time for boring perfection. You are free!

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